Exchange FAQs

Birrion uses a P2P exchange system

A P2P( person to person) exchange system connects buyers and sellers directly online using an escrow as a third party service to protect both parties against fraud.

An escrow is a third party wallet for holding seller’s coins during a payment window period.

5 actions take place during this period

i. Seller’s coins are automatically transferred to escrow.

ii. Buyer is safe to pay seller during this period.

iii. Buyer clicks PAYMENT DONE button on the chatbox.

iv. The seller is expected to click RELEASE ESCROW button after confirming payment.

NOTE:- This is an irreversible action

Buyer’s birrion wallet is automatically credited with coins INSTANTLY.

NO. Once the seller releases escrow, the Buyer’s birrion wallet is automatically coins credited INSTANTLY. However, it is highly recommended that seller confirms payment of buyer. before releasing escrow as this is an irreversible action.

Seller will not confirm payment just because buyer clicks “payment done”. Seller confirms payment only after receiving a reliable payment confirmation.

Buyer do not need to panic as the coin is still in birrion’s escrow and not with the seller. Click here to see how this can be instantly resolved.

Do not panic as the coin will be automatically returned back to the seller once the payment window elapses. Provided the buyer did not click ‘PAYMENT DONE’

Do not panic as the coin is still in birrion’s escrow. Click here to see how this can be instantly resolved.

Birrion’s marketplace by clicking either the BUY or SELL button on the dashboard.

A feedback pop up appears immediately after seller releases escrow for both parties to rate each other. Each Feedback can affect the score of the person so you are expected to be as honest as possible. You could also decide to be neutral. This will not affect the feedback score either negatively or positively. In the case of giving Birrion feedback, you can ‘contact us’ stating your experience, issues and what can be improved upon. We will definitely get back to you via email/ Chat box

To make birrion safer for you and others,it is necessary but not compulsory to be ID verified. You can do this by uploading a means of identification using your National ID, Driver’s License and/or International passports. You are expected to verify your email address and phone number without which you cannot trade on the platform.

Yes. However, not having a valid ID reduces your credibility score which determines your chances of getting more transactions over others.The basic things to set up are your username and email.

You can change any aspect of your profile under Menu > Settings. Sensitive Information will require you to give passwords and codes where these have been enabled by you. Once done, you can edit your profile picture, transaction limits, range, rate, and many more. Click on save when you are done and the information is automatically saved against your registered email address. However, for the safety of the community, you can only change your profile picture twice until you are ID verified

Makers fee is 0.4% of the coin value of each transaction

Takers fee is 0.6% of the coin value of each transaction

A person who states the price they wish to buy or sell their coins and waits to be contacted by a taker .

A person who buys and sell instantly by choosing from different makers that suits her requirements from the marketplace.

Coin Swap Faq's

Birrion’s Coin Swap aggregates all leading exchanges and compare their rates in real time to provide the best rate for coin to coin exchange. We are constantly increasing the number of cryptocurrencies and exchange pairs we support.

Supported coins

- Bitcoin - Litecoin

Coin Swap is built on the most reliable exchanges in the world. We provide a stress-free experience by integrating with trusted and secure exchanges and helping our customers get the best rates while ensuring their security.

Unlike ordinary money(FIAT), cryptocurrency is highly volatile, so the rate may go up and down. It may happen that the exchange rate which you see before the transaction is different (high or low) after transaction gets completed. In that case, the exchanged quantity which you receive may differ from what you saw before,during and after the transaction.

Birrion’s transactions take 15-30 minutes to be processed. If a transaction is large (around 1 BTC worth), processing may take longer depending on the size of your transaction and blockchain capacity. When it is more than 1 bitcoin it may take a little longer to Process.this is a normal process for Such Transactions.

Our transaction takes an average of 10-30 minutes to be processed. If your transaction takes longer, this might be due to a wide range of factors. 1. Blockchain overloaded. There are many transactions pending including yours. These issues take place on blockchains. All you have to do is to wait patiently Birrion doesn't control blockchain delays. 2. DDoS attacks. Any platform may experience such issues. In this case, all you have to do is wait without panic.

Blockchain transactions are irreversible. Once the money is sent, it cannot be rolled back. So if you are going to exchange cryptos, think twice and check attentively all the payment details prior to sending money and ensure not to send twice in presence of poor network. it's recommended to use good network while sending. To prevent twice sending or bounced transactions.

Our fees is 0.25% of the exchange transaction. The conversion rate you see is inclusive of the fee and network fee. Network fee is the Mandatory cost of sending money through the blockchain and it goes to miners directly not BIrrion.

1. Do not give your password to anyone. 2. Make sure your device is locked when not in use. 3. Enable two-factor authentication and only use codes known to you. It is better to not use birthdays or anniversaries. You can create cold or offline wallets for yourself to store your bitcoin until you have a ‘sell’ trade. Once this happens, you can move the amount you wish to sell to your hot (online) wallet for ease of trade and convenience.

Change your password immediately! Alert Birrion via ‘contact’ us about this, stating your username, email, phone number and IP address. Check ‘what is my IP address’ on Google if you do not know it.